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Davies Fertility & IVF Specialists, S.C., brings years of reproductive endocrinology experience, state of the art technology, and personalized care to assist couples and individuals facing fertility challenges who wish to become parents. We provide a wide range of assisted reproductive treatments, and have expertise in male and female fertility issues, as well as female endocrine conditions. We look forward to working with you.

In this video, Dr. Susan Davies welcomes you and explains what to expect during your first visit at Davies Fertility Clinic.


Here's what's happening at Davies Fertility:

  • Fertility Assessment with Dr. Susan Davies

    Curious about your biological clock? At Davies Fertility & IVF Specialists, S.C., we can help you develop a better understanding of your fertility potential in just 3 easy steps!

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to treat basic to complex problems related to fertility.

    Couples and individuals who are having difficulty becoming pregnant can meet with our staff who will perform various fertility tests to help diagnose infertility problems and…
    A full range of services is offered to treat complex problems related to infertility. Individualized treatment plans are based on your needs and…
    Infertility affects both women and men. There are a variety of reasons why couples or individuals may have trouble conceiving. Male factors such as low…
    It is our goal to offer you caring expertise through every step of your journey, including financially. We can help you explore payment…

What Others are Saying

  • Elizabeth and Justin

    My husband, Justin and I had tried to conceive on our own for over two years, and sought out a fertility specialist back in our home in Indiana. Justin's job brought him to Chicago

  • Melissa & Mick

    There are no words great enough to express our gratitude for everything Dr. Davies and her staff have done for us. The warmth and respect that we were given at every appointment gave us so much…

  • Elizabeth W.

    Our experience with Dr. Davies and her whole team was incredible. We came to Dr. Davies after nearly a year of treatment with a large fertility clinic...

  • Stephanie & Dan K.

    We had a great experience with Davies IVF!! We could feel that everyone had a vested interest in seeing us succeed and were cheering us on every step of the way ...

  • Suzanne & Michael

    Infertility is a life changing diagnosis and when my husband and I received the news that we would need to undergo a specialized form of IVF using ICSI, we were terrified ...

  • Betsy L.

    After trying for a baby on our own for two years, my husband and I were referred to Dr. Davies in July. From the first meeting with her and her amazing team we knew we were…

  • Kendra & Jamaal

    My husband and I were referred to Dr. Davies by my OB-GYN after 6 years of trying to conceive. We were scared about the process of IVF and didn't know much about it...

  • Allison & Boyd

    After trying to have a baby for 8 years we moved to Chicago for my husband's residency. Before moving to Chicago we had been through the ringer, in terms of conservative treatments. We sought treatments from…

  • Nicole M.

    My husband and I tried to grow our family for 3 years. We came to Dr. Davies in December. Dr. Davies came up with a plan and we were pregnant by February. I am forever grateful…

  • Tiffany G.

    Dr. Davies and her amazing team are wonderful. The comfort level during this difficult and stressful time is almost unreal. Everyone there treats you like family when you walk into the door and you almost don’t…

  • Kimberly P.

    My husband and I had trouble conceiving for over a year, and after a few months of hormone therapy, my gynecologist referred us to Davies Fertility in the summer of 2014...

  • Fran & Kris

    Dr. Davies and her staff are very personable and professional. I went through my first IVF procedure and it was successful on the first round. About two years later, we returned in hopes of a sibling…

  • Jen & Dan

    My husband and I tried for two years on our own to have a baby. In the summer of 2015 we were introduced to Dr. Davies and her beyond helpful team. They treat their patients ...

  • Lindsay C.

    Our journey with Dr. Davies and her amazing staff started in August of 2013. From the first appointment we knew we were not only in capable hands, but caring ...

  • Amy W.

    At 35 years old, conceiving my son was seemingly easy. Three months after marrying my husband, Joel, we experienced joy and excitement when we found out I was pregnant ...

  • Lauren and Nate

    My husband I spent 2 years trying to get pregnant. When it didn't work we had a whole range of emotions: guilt, anger, fear, confusion. One of our friends had a similar ...

  • Danielle & Brian

    We cannot even begin to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Davies and her AMAZING staff. After an 11+ year struggle with PCOS induced infertility, our dream finally came true ...

  • Barbara

    My mantra during infertility was "the blessing is next to the wound." This allowed me to see the positive parts of my journey even through the uncertainty and challenge ...

  • Kelly & Anthony

    Knowing other couples who have faced fertility issues, I’ve learned it’s not easy to find a doctor who not only possesses the quality of being extremely skilled in the practice ...

  • Lindsey L.

    Without Dr. Davies and her fabulous team, our son Max wouldn't have his new baby sister, Jordan. Our family is so genuinely grateful to Davies Fertility for making ...

  • Melanie Z.

    Infertility and the treatment of it is very difficult. It can be overwhelming and very emotional. All the Davies Fertility staff were fantastic in helping us over a very difficult ...

  • Shannon D.

    In a word, Dr. Davies is OUTSTANDING. From the moment I first met Dr. Davies, I was at ease. Not once did I doubt that she would help me get pregnant. Dr. Davies made me feel…

  • Lyndsey I.

    My husband and I met Dr. Davies and her staff 3 years ago, after we had been trying to get pregnant for a year and our Dr. suggested we see a fertility specialist. "You will love…

  • Holly H.

    Every time I think about the beauty and joy Dr. Susan Davies has helped bring into my life, I become overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. I feel speechless ...


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At Davies Fertility & IVF Specialists, S.C., we are dedicated to you and your pregnancy success. We look forward to helping you along on this important journey!

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