Allison & Boyd

quoteAfter trying to have a baby for 8 years we moved to Chicago for my husband's residency. Before moving to Chicago we had been through the ringer, in terms of conservative treatments. We sought treatments from 3 different specialists and often felt like the whole process was impersonal and mechanical. I was just another nameless patient thrown on the conveyor belt of treatment after treatment.

We had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Davies and her staff while seeking infertility treatment. There are so many unknowns when finally deciding to seek IVF treatments. With every appointment Dr. Davies and her team made sure to take enough time to have all our questions answered and apprehensions put at ease. From there, everything was easy and streamlined, taking the stress right out of going to the doctor. They were so caring and always made me feel like I was their only patient.

We were so fortunate that the process was a success for us. We were blessed with our miracle baby Hank. He is such a joy made possible by Dr. Davies and her team. We’re ever grateful for the professionalism and compassion shown to us while going through this process.

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