Elizabeth and Justin

quoteMy husband, Justin and I had tried to conceive on our own for over two years, and sought out a fertility specialist back in our home in Indiana. Justin's job brought him to Chicago, so we put seriously pursuing fertility treatments on hold. We were still following the calendar, tried Clomid, even began seeking adoption. We were coming to dead ends everywhere we turned. Praying our journey to become parents wasn't over, we turned to Dr. Davies as our last hope.

As soon as we went into the office, the atmosphere was so positive and uplifting. Dr. Davies was so knowledgable and said she thought IVF would be the best route to go, considering how long we'd been trying and other methods we had tried. She and the staff were so encouraging and always happy to see us. The staff was readily available to answer questions by phone or email, whether it was a question about medication, personal issues, or giving me peace of mind.

They held our hands and walked us through each step of the IVF process, and were as excited as we were when we found out we were pregnant! At week 6 we found out we were having twins, but by week 7, the heartbeat of the twin couldn't be found. They were so compassionate as we struggled to balance the conflicting feelings of mourning for the child we lost, yet still celebrating the child we had!

On February 25, 2017 we welcomed Samantha Joan to the world! She is a miracle and the answer to our prayers. Our hearts are full, and we are so thankful the Lord led us to Dr. Davies.

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