Holly H.

quoteEvery time I think about the beauty and joy Dr. Susan Davies has helped bring into my life, I become overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. I feel speechless, because through my struggle with fertility, she assisted the conception of my 4 miracle babies! I can’t begin to find words to describe how much I appreciate Dr. Davies and all she does within her practice to provide excellent, compassionate care.

Through IVF, over the past several years, she helped me conceive my boy/girl twins who are now almost 5. A few years following we again sought out treatment and welcomed into the world my third child through IVF as well. Finally, through a lot of prayer, and Dr. Davies’s help, I was able to conceive my 4th child through IUI with fertility shots.

I could not shake my dream of having a fourth child, and was devastated when my last insured IVF cycle had come and gone. Dr. Davies did not give up hope for me and my family. Dr. Davies and her highly competent staff knew exactly how to manage my fertility care to facilitate my first and only IUI cycle. My dreams and prayers were answered with her help.

Aanal, Dr. Davies’s physician assistant of many years, paid me one of the highest compliments I believe I’ve ever received. During my last meeting with her, she said, “Holly, you have helped teach me that even when certain aggressive fertility treatments are not working for some individuals, after working with you, I realize now, more than ever, how important it is to keep spreading hope. Instead of giving up, you kept trying to follow your dreams of conceiving a fourth child. Not everyone can or would do that.”

For the rest of my years to come, Dr. Davies and Aanal shall always be regarded as family in my heart.

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