Kate F.

quote After a number of tries with my regular OB and oral medications, my husband and I received the recommendation to try IVF. I am SO glad we found Dr. Davies. She was committed to making our dream of parenthood happen, no matter what. We tired many times - and ectopic pregnancies and failed attempts were tough. She was always o supportive- offering alternative kinds of treatments (acupuncture, therapists if we needed them, etc). Her staff was also so helpful and positive! With Dr. Davies, I always felt like all of our options were on the table- and even if we weren't sure of one, we'd still have all the information. We didn't get pregnant the way we thought- ended up having to use a donor egg. Now that we have our little peanut - I know that her earlier suggestion that we might have to think about it was spot on, even if I wasn't ready for it. Blessed to have this baby, and even more blessed that Dr. Davies and her staff helped us get there.

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