Kelly & Anthony


quoteKnowing other couples who have faced fertility issues, I’ve learned it’s not easy to find a doctor who not only possesses the quality of being extremely skilled in the practice of fertility medicine and IVF, but one who also has a caring and compassionate bedside manner to go along with it. Usually you get one or the other. However, my husband and I were so very fortunate to find both of these traits in Dr. Susan Davies. Dr. Davies never made us feel rushed during our consultations, made sure we felt comfortable with the entire IVF process, and allowed us to have a direct hand in deciding the best course of treatment for our individual situation. She never shied away from going the extra step, whether that meant making a personal phone call to us after office hours, or simply providing a reassuring hug when needed. I have every confidence saying that Dr. Davies’ bedside manner and professionalism are unrivaled.

Facing infertility is an emotional rollercoaster and Dr. Davies and her staff provided a warm, intimate practice where we never felt like we were just another number. From the friendly receptionists, to the skilled ultrasound technicians & supportive nurses working with us on a daily basis, everyone was extremely attentive to our needs, willing to listen to our concerns, and ready to answer the many questions we had.

From our very first consultation, we knew Dr. Davies would be the fertility doctor to help us realize our dream of starting a family. Little did we know at the time how difficult & long the journey to parenthood would be for us. But we are so grateful that we had Dr. Davies standing by our side throughout the entire process – she gave us hope when we lost our confidence, gave us strength when we were scared, and gave us comfort when unexpected difficulties arose. Never did we waiver in our trust that Dr. Davies would do whatever she could to help give us the baby that we so desperately wanted. Because Dr. Davies delivered in providing the best comprehensive fertility treatment we could have asked for, I delivered a beautiful baby girl in June 2012! We are forever grateful to Dr. Davies & her team for making our dream come true!" - Kelly & Anthony

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