Liz T.

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I could not recommend Davies Fertility IVF Specialists more!!

After trying to start our family for two years, my OB recommended that we seek IVF assistance. We started off our IVF journey at a different clinic, and unfortunately it was not a great experience. I felt like a "just a number" and received very little explanation of what to expect. Ultimately I didn't move forward with the process of this other clinic because I was too apprehensive.

Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Davies and her team. From my very first appointment, the experience couldn't have been more night and day from my first encounter at a fertility practice. Dr. Davies is incredibly warm, insightful and patient-focused. I found her methodology and treatment to be personalized and thoughtful. And honestly, it felt like every single team member was cheering me on through the whole process.

We were incredibly lucky to welcome a healthy and happy baby girl in March 2017 thanks to the care and dedication of the Davies Fertility team. I would recommend anyone experiencing fertility issues to consult this practice and know that you will be in the very bests hands. If we should need fertility help again when we're ready to give Madeleine a sibling, Dr. Davies will be our first call.

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