Shannon & Risto

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After trying to conceive for two years my OB/GYN referred me to Dr. Davies. My husband and I were welcomed with open arms. I was a bit nervous at first but after meeting with Dr. Davies' friendly staff, I felt more comfortable. I was not sure what to expect from having an infertility issue. Dr. Davies laid out a plan and a backup plan to get us to the end result we dreamed of. The entire staff helped us achieve that dream in February 2017 with the birth of our baby girl, Natalia!

We started out by following the plan Dr. Davies set in place for us. We had two IUI procedures but they both failed. Those were followed by a surprise pregnancy but that ended up being an ectopic. We were then advised to wait until January to start the next round of IVF treatment. Everyone knows that IVF treatment is very expensive. The staff at Davies was so knowledgeable on the best insurance plans to help us pay the least amount of money. We followed everything they told us to retrieve our embryos and froze them. Our first implantation was in May. Much to our surprise, it was a quick success!

We are very pleased with Dr. Davies and her staff. I would recommend their office to anyone struggling with infertility. If we still have problems in the future with conceiving a sibling for Natalia, Dr. Davies and her staff will be the first and only office we will turn to for help. Again thank you so much for the help in starting our family!

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