Sunil & Theresa

When you are first referred to a fertility doctor, that means that you've already been through the wire and taken every test possible at your OB's office. So I came into Dr. Davies' office weary and anxious. But the office is set up in a way that makes you automatically feel comfortable. From our very first interaction, Dr. Davies and her wonderful staff made us feel at ease about the entire infertility process. I initially thought that after talking to my OB, I would have to research and find a fertility clinic on my own, check to see if my insurance would be accepted, get an appointment, and the thought of all of this made me feel very overwhelmed. However, before I had the chance to do any of that, the staff called me and took care of everything! All I had to do was show up.

Every interaction I had with the staff was warm and welcoming as they walked us thoroughly through each step of the process. And as the IVF treatment can definitely be taxing physically, emotionally, and mentally, I really appreciated Dr. Davies' knowledge and her compassionate transparency, her positive demeanor and her hopeful mindset. It was the extra push we needed to move forward with this process. Lo and behold, after one frozen treatment, we were pregnant! Nine months later, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Levi.

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