Bari L.

I come from a very large family so there was a lot frustration, shock and tears when we found it impossible to conceive on our own. Luckily my doctor did not hesitate to send us to Dr. Davies. During the initial phase I was surprised to learn I had more then one factor impeding our chances of getting pregnant. Not only would I need to do IVF but I would also need surgery to correct an issue with my uterus. In the end it took many surgeries and many rounds of IVF. We had one frozen embryo left and we decided after that we were going to stop trying. I love the staff at Dr. Davies office they really made me feel like part of their family. The PA Aanal called me when we decided we were going take the summer off and then put in our last embryo. Well she insisted that we not wait and made us try that cycle. So we did. We transferred on Father's Day and to our surprise she decided to stay. I now get to enjoy my little girl. She is a miracle but if it wasn't for the love I got from the staff at Dr. Davies office none of this would have been possible.

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