Psychological Counseling

Infertility is usually one of the most stressful experiences a couple can go through. The way a patient copes with this roller coaster of emotions depends very much on their personality and their diagnosis, since every person is different, and every infertility issue is unique. Coping with infertility requires patients to find the strength within themselves and within their relationship to get through this difficult period. It also involves asking for help when needed.

At Davies Fertility and IVF Specialists, S.C., psychological counseling is available for patients who are undergoing fertility treatments. Patients may want to meet with counselors:

  • After a failed IUI or IVF cycle and/or pregnancy loss
  • When making decisions about treatment plans
  • When considering using donor eggs or donor sperm
  • When considering using surrogacy
  • When fertility issues are causing depression and/or anxiety

Although there is not specific evidence that stress is detrimental, it can make it harder for a patient or couple to persist with treatments that will ultimately help them. Stress can cause patients to make poor choices about their treatment, cause delays in seeking treatment, and decrease compliance with treatment programs. When couples with infertility undergo counseling to reduce stress, they appear to have better outcomes.

Here is an agency that we work with:

Laura Riggs PHD
Clinical Psychologist
5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 14
Skokie IL 60077
Phone 773-213-1035

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